MMORPG Ragnarok Online Gets Free, Offline iOS Version

Ragnarok Online operator Gravity Interactive has launched a single-player iOS companion game for its most popular, MMORPG, which is now in its ninth year on the market.
Ragnarok Online operator Gravity Interactive has launched an iOS companion game for its most popular MMORPG, now in its ninth year on the market. The game, called Ragnarok Violet, is a single-player experience that utilizes many of the same functions, mechanics and environments as the original. "Utilizing some of the most unique and fun systems of Ragnarok Online, such as an advanced Pet system, item enchanting card collecting, cute costumes and of course exploring the expansive world of 'Ragnarok Violet', Violet promises to feel familiar yet all new, and all fun!" reads the game's description on the App Store. Using mobile apps to keep players engaged with its brands has proven to be a popular strategy for MMO operators as of late. In addition to World of Warcraft's remote auction app, there are also apps for NCSoft's Aion and SOE's EverQuest II. Ragnarok Violet is now available for free on Apple's App Store.

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