Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony unite to create safer online spaces

Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony have agreed to work together to create safer online spaces for their players. 

Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony have agreed to work together to create safer online spaces for their players. 

Outlining that shared vision in a blog post, Dave McCarthy, corporate vice president of Xbox Operations, said the trio intend to protect their players using a multidisciplinary approach centred on prevention, partnership, and responsibility. 

"At Xbox, we are aligned with both Nintendo, on behalf of the community of Nintendo Switch players, and PlayStation in our belief that protecting players online requires a multidisciplinary approach -- one that combines the benefits of advanced technology, a supportive community, and skilled human oversight," wrote McCarthy.

"We can accomplish more when we work toward the same goal, and so we will each continue investing in, evolving, and amplifying our approaches to user safety. As we continue this work, we will prioritize protecting the safety of our players, especially those most vulnerable."

When it comes to prevention, the console coalition has pledged to provide accessibly controls that let players customise their gaming experience and support parents with the tools and information needed to create appropriate experiences for their children. It will also invest in technology to "help thwart improper conduct and content before a player is subject to harm."

The partnership pledge will see the group work with industry trade organisations, industry members, regulators, law enforcement, and experts to develop and advance safety initiatives, while also conducting shared research "for the benefit of the industry."

Finally, the group will make good on its promise of responsibility by "holding ourselves accountable for making our platforms as safe as possible for all players." That means making it easy for players to report code violations, and taking appropriate enforcement action against offenders. 

"Protecting players can be challenging in a digitally and often instantaneously connected world. This partnership signifies our commitment to work together to improve player safety and ensure gaming remains truly for everyone," continued McCarthy. "While the video game industry has a long history of taking steps to protect gamers, especially children, we recognize that no one company or industry will solve these challenges alone."

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