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Microsoft leak reveals most current-gen Xbox owners have the Series S

The Xbox Series S is proving to be an effective gateway console for players with less money to spend.

Justin Carter, Contributing Editor

September 20, 2023

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Screenshot of the Xbox Series S console.

The recently leaked court documents from Microsoft reveal the Xbox Series S is the most popular console between the two Xbox Series systems. 

A heavily redacted document focusing on April 2022 (and spotted by IGN) features a slide regarding "console sell-in mix," which shows 75 percent of Xbox owners have the Series S. For that specific month, 65 percent of Xbox sales were from the Series S.

Of the two current-gen Xbox consoles, the Xbox Series S is one of the more affordable at $300-$350, depending on the model. While not as technologically impressive as the Series X, there's currently no price drop forthcoming for that system, making the Series S more enticing.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer highlighted this as justification for the system's existence in August. Talking with Eurogamer, he said the Series S was specifically for "many new families or players coming into the [game] market" and a net good for the industry.

"I don't see a world where we drop [the Xbox Series] S," he continued at the time. "I want to make sure games are available on both, that's our job as a platform holder and we're committed to that with our partners. [...] I think it's important. So we're committed."

Spencer's apparent faith in the console is reportedly set to continue, with a new iteration of the Xbox Series S expected to release in 2024. Codenamed "Project Ellewood," the refreshed system is said to be priced at $300.

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