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Media Molecule ending live support for Dreams in September 2023

The studio said it can no longer see a sustainable path forwards for its sprawling game creation platform.

Chris Kerr, News Editor

April 11, 2023

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A screenshot from Dreams showcasing some of Media Molecule's own characters

Media Molecule will be ending live support for Dreams after September 1, 2023, so it can focus on a new project.

The news means the studio won't be releasing additional updates for its sprawling game creation platform after that date, while community events such as DreamsCom and the Impy Awards will also be shelved.

In a blog post, the UK studio explained that players will still be able to create, share, and play Dreams after September, and said it will also be continuing its in-game curation work to ensure the Dreamiverse "feels as alive as it always had been and to surface amazing creations."

Other updates are also due to be delivered before September, with Media Molecule promising to roll out a "significant improvement to animation" and one last Create mode update.

"We know this won't be an easy message for everyone to hear, and it's certainly not been an easy decision—Dreams has been a special project for Media Molecule and helping this burgeoning community of game developers, tinkerers, creatives, collaborators and dreamers grow and express themselves remains one of the best things we've ever done," wrote the studio.

Media Molecule said that, while it always had the desire to continue expanding and supporting Dreams, after reviewing its plans it realized it wouldn't be able to carve out a "sustainable path" forward. As such, it made the decision to change its product strategy, but noted the move was tough for many people inside and outside of the studio.

A new home for the Dreamiverse

As well as phasing out live support, Media Molecule is also preparing for a sever migration that will impose storage limits on players. The studio explained the migration will help preserve the security and stability of Dreams.

"Our team has been hard at work on this update and we’re preparing to migrate to our new server in late May," it added. "The complexity of this work has meant we have had to make changes, as not every feature in Dreams has been compatible with the needed modifications to the server. However, our team has worked very hard to keep parity between the two where possible, and even make a few improvements along the way.

"As part of the Dreams server migration, in an effort to preserve the security and stability of the Dreams server for all players, there will be a storage limit of up to 5GB from the date of the Dreams server migration. This 5GB limit will be added for players on the date of server migration. Your existing creations will not count towards the limits."

The move will also grant players the ability to delete, rather than archive, creations, and will result in the removal of archiving as a feature. "Creations that were archived prior to the date of the server migration will be unarchived and available in your saved creations, where you can choose to delete them," added the studio.

Other features and events such as prize bubbles, community jams, and some quests are also being discontinued as part of the migration process. To find out more about Media Molecule's plans for Dreams going forward, be sure to check out the studio's extensive explainer.

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