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Lethal Company sold an estimated 10 million copies

The beloved indie horror game is reportedly doing extremely well in terms of sales and revenue.

Justin Carter, Contributing Editor

January 19, 2024

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Screenshot from Zeekerss' first-person game, Lethal Company.
Image via Zeekerss.

At a Glance

  • Zeekerss' co-op scavenging game has become extremely popular in the last three months, and may have the money to show for it.

2023's breakout horror hit Lethal Company is believed to have sold 10 million copies since its Early Access release in mid-October.

Push to Talk estimated both its sales milestone and gross revenue of $113.9 million. The latter was determined with the Boxleiter method, which considers user reviews, pricing, and Valve's cut among its factors.

With that same method, the outlet determined the game's current net revenue is at $33.6 million. The game has hundreds of thousands of reviews, and its player count has ranged from 120,000-240,000 for months.

Lethal Company netted 115,000 concurrent users on Steam within weeks of release. By the end of 2023, it hit the silver tier of best-selling games on the platform and reached over 150,000 peak players.

A history of Lethal Company creator Zeekerss

Speaking to Push to Talk about the game, developer Zeekerss called it "a game about laughing at death."

The 21-year-old developer began making games in 2012 using Roblox's game creation tools. After 2016's Silent Dark, he pivoted to making experimental games on itch.io and later Steam.

Those titles eventually drew the eye of content creators and secured his own audience. He then used them to hold small playtests for Lethal Company two months before its release.

Ultimately, Zeekerss' acquired clout and general word of mouth attributed to his game's success. However copies it actually sold, it's not hard to believe it's done pretty well in the last three months.

Looking at Lethal Company's reception, he called it "a rare and lucky experience." It's a "different kind of uncertainty," but his main focus is staying humble and continuing to make games.

Speaking to that success, he advises players to "always be a little suspicious. [...] Money is powerful but also imaginary and untrustworthy. We're all excited about it though!”

Push to Talk's full write-up of Lethal Company and Zeekerss' history as a developer can be read here.

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