Japanese 3DS Software Sees Weekly Boost Following Hardware Price Cut

Following last week's Nintendo 3DS price cut in Japan, a handful of games for the device saw sales spikes in the country -- but a new Monster Hunter PSP game still captured the top spot for the week.
Monster Hunter Diary: Pokapoka Felyne Village G from Capcom and Pokemon Rumble Blast debuted at the top of the Japanese retail video game sales charts for the week ended August 14, according to Media Create. Pokemon Rumble Blast for 3DS, published by Pokemon Co., released on the back of the recent drastic Nintendo 3DS price cut, which helped propel the title to number two, selling 86,294 units. But topping that monster-centric game was Capcom's Monster Hunter Diary: Pokapoka Felyne Village G for PSP, another new release that sold 98,269 units at Japanese retail. The 3DS price drop, which drove a major sales spike for the hardware, also seemed to help drive software sales, as The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, released in June in Japan, re-entered the top 40 weekly game sales charts, making it to number six, with 31,772 units sold during the week. Nintendo last week cut the handheld console's price in Japan to ¥15,000, down from ¥25,000. Other 3DS games that saw boosts include Nintendo's Nintendogs + Cats, Bandai Namco's One Piece: Unlimited Cruise SP and Nintendo's Star Fox 64 3D. The complete top 20 chart is shown below.
LWTWTitlePublisherPlatformWeekly Sales
NEW1Monster Hunter Diary: Pokapoka Felyne GCapcomPSP98,269
NEW2Pokemon Rumble BlastPokemon Co.3DS86,294
43Rhythm HeavenNintendoWii63,590
24Kirby Mass AttackNintendoDS52,173
NEW5Uta no Prince-Sama: RepeatBroccoliPSP32,180
296The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DNintendo3DS31,772
17J-League Pro Soccer Club! 7: Euro +SegaPSP30,291
38Toriko: Gourmet SurvivalBandai NamcoPSP28,147
89Wii Sports ResortNintendoWii20,524
610Epic MickeyNintendoWii15,536
511All Kamen Rider: Rider GenerationBandai NamcoDS15,304
>4012Nintendogs + CatsNintendo3DS15,221
913Taiko Drum Master Portable DXBandai NamcoPSP14,224
>4014One Piece: Unlimited Cruise SPBandai Namco3DS12,355
1915Wii Play: MotionNintendoWii12,128
1416Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball 2011KonamiPSP10,871
1517Inazuma Eleven StrikersLevel-5Wii10,581
3818Star Fox 64 3DNintendo3DS10,579
2119Pokemon Black / WhitePokemon Co.DS10,164
1220Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball 2011KonamiPS38,601

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