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Indie Summer Pack - Is it possible for other Indie Game Bundles to have some success?

Is it possible for other non "Humble Bundle" packs to have some success? Or are the rest of them bounded to fail?

Lately we (Different Pixel) have been secretly working with 5 other developers to make a indie game pack. The idea was gather a few great games that were less known and unite effors and getting us noticed.

Finally after a few moths we are proud to present the:

"Indie Summer Six Pack"

Six indie titles for just $10 - or a stonking $5, if you first share the offer via Facebook. How can you say no to that?

The games included are

Aztaka, City Rain, Puzzlegeddon, Bob Came In Pieces, Vizati and Lylian.

We’re making this effort to raise the money to finance our next project ideas. Most of us had tremendous problems having the game noticed anywhere. It's a real jungle out there for indie developers and most of us had little or no money at all for marketing.

Obviously comparisons with the sucessfull "Humble Bundle" will be made but this is somewhat different. First, there's a fixed price, second none of the games are a, let's call it a "World of Goo success" . Oh and we have 6 games. It's less then a $1 for game. That's cheaper than an iPhone game.

I truly think this bundle has great value and the fact that agrees makes me have some faith.

So far customers feedback have been positive. Obviously the campaing has just started so it's pretty early to know if this will have success or not. 

A good scenario would be that every developer would get some money to at least start their next game. 

But the world isn't ideal, or is it? Time will tell...

Wish us luck, check the website and spread the word please....

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