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Indie darling Blocks That Matter sells 200K units, mostly on computers

The critically-acclaimed indie title Blocks That Matter has seen some ups and downs in terms of sales since its XBLIG debut, but the game has seen much stronger performance since hitting PC, Mac, and Linux.

Tom Curtis, Blogger

February 23, 2012

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Since its initial release in May 2011, Swing Swing Submarine's critically-acclaimed indie title Blocks that Matter has seen some real ups and downs in terms of sales. It had a slow start when it launched as an Xbox Live Indie Game, but things have turned around since its PC, Mac, and Linux debut in August. In a new info-graphic posted on the game's website, Swing Swing Submarine revealed that Blocks That Matter has now sold more than 200,000 units, with the vast majority of these sales on home computers — in fact, the chart indicates that Xbox 360 made up only a small fraction of the overall sales. In all, the game has pulled in more than $250,000 in revenue, and once again PC, Mac, and Linux made up the majority of this sum (though the game earned an additional $40,000 when it won the Dream.Build.Play competition in August). The game's strong sales on home computers were almost certainly bolstered when Blocks That Matter was featured in the Humble Bundle's "Humble Voxatron Debut," which sold 172,269 bundles and pulled in nearly $1 million across its numerous games and charities. Despite the game's success on PC, Mac, and Linux, XBLIG sales have remained relatively low. These results fall in line with reports from a number of other indie developers, who have struggled to move units on the XBLIG platform. Microsoft tried to address this problem last week, however, when it gave the Indie Games marketplace a prominent shortcut on the Xbox 360 dashboard.

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