Humble Bundle to sunset Games Collection perk in November

Update: The Humble Collection perk—a library of games previously made accessible for Humble Choice subscribers—will shut down on November 7.

Humble Bundle has suddenly revealed it will be ending its Game Collection perk—a library of original Humble games titles made available for free to Humble Bundle subscribers. After Tuesday, November 7, the titular subscription will end access to said library. 

"Starting next month on November 7, we’ll be retiring the Humble Games Collection membership perk," the email reads. "We’re regularly evaluating our offerings in light of the ever-evolving landscape of gaming and what matters most to our Choice members."

The Humble Choice subscription service will remain active.

Like PlayStation Plus or Xbox Game Pass, the Humble Games Collection offers a curated selection of titles that subscribers could access at any time. The site billed the service as a way for indie games to stand out (particularly on PC), and its axing now leaves a vacuum that may not be so easily filled.

A quick history of Humble Choice

The Humble Choice subscription service—originally known as Humble Monthly—first launched in 2015 and within a handful of years, gained over 400,000 subscribers. 5 percent of proceeds from the subscriptions go to charity.

Humble made the decision to rebrand the service in 2019. It also changed its release method: subscribers could now choose which games they'd receive every month, rather than receive a blind box of titles on the first Friday of every month. When the subscription service launched, it came with a set of tiered pricing options that offered more befits for subscribers who paid a higher monthly fee.

The developer further affirmed that previously offered games will be accessible for players to download via the Humble Vault. But the Collection Perk offering won't be replaced by something of equal or greater value.

Humble concluded its email by stating it'll "continue to focus on curating great games that are yours to own." Game Developer has reached out to Humble regarding the email and its future plans, and will update this story when a comment is provided.

Update 10/10: This story has been updated to clarify that the Humble Games Collection perk will be shut down in November. Humble Choice will remain active as a subscription service offering players a choice of games they can receive each month.

In an email to Game Developer, Humble clarified that the Humble Games Collection perk that comes from the Humble Choice membership "is separate from the membership as a whole." Said perk will be retired on November 7, but players will still be able to access titles available in the Humble Vault featured in the Choice membership.

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