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It's a milestone the company quietly hit over the past year, and one that comes just 4 years after it debuted the subscription-based game bundle back in 2015.

Alissa McAloon, Publisher

April 1, 2019

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Humble’s subscription-based game bundle Humble Monthly now boasts over 400,000 subscribers.

It’s a figure that comes less than 4 years into the program’s lifespan, and something developers may be interested in knowing if they're considering working with Humble through one of the company's several bundles and partnerships.

The 400,000 subscribers figure itself is now mentioned on the Humble career page along with the fact that the company as a whole has now raised $145 million for charity, up from $100 million in late 2017

Humble got its start in 2010 with the idea that it could sell bundles of games and let people decide both how much they wanted to pay and what percentage of that would go to developers, Humble, and select charity partners. In the near decade since, Humble has expanded its offerings out to host thematic bundles for games, books, comics, and more and also introduced Humble Monthly, its subscription-based bundle.

Humble Monthly debuted back in 2015. Within 6 months it had attracted around 70,000 subscribers and made it possible for Humble to pour money into the development of its “Humble Originals," or Humble-published games that would later be released exclusively through Humble Monthly. By early 2018, that number had increased to 300,000 subscribers and, Humble’s most recent count, the figure now sits around 400,000.

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