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How StackPath's edge computing can help game devs succeed

Sponsored: Gamasutra speaks with StackPath CMO Nathan Huey who explains how StackPath's edge computing can help game studios, publishers, and tech providers the means to deliver top-tier network performance to their customers.

August 16, 2021

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Today, most games, even they're not "online games," will at some point rely on an online service for distribution, delivering patches, online multiplayer, streaming, or other needs.

StackPath is an edge computing company that offers game studios, publishers, and tech providers the means to deliver the necessary top-tier network performance to their customers.

"It's still early days in edge computing," said Nathan Huey, chief marketing officer at StackPath in a recent Q&A held for GDC 2021 (full interview below). "And what's an oddly easy layup for game developers is [for them] to say, 'Well, first of all, we want X milliseconds or less of latency' between whatever computing instance they have running. And so that's easy."

Edge computing is computing that is performed near the source of the data. With StackPath's background as a content delivery network, the company is well-equipped to provide fast and reliable online services to game developers.

"As CDNs evolve into a more sophisticated edge delivery service," said Huey, "game developers are using us, and we see the need for being able to customize...in-game content [that] can be tailored to a specific user, whether that's in-game advertising, or even just [delivering] in-game skins."

As games grow bigger, faster, and more interactive, Huey said StackPath looks to provide game companies with the online tools services they need to succeed.

"Being able to deliver [content and services] on the fly and not have it add a lot of overhead--that's a huge need," he said.

Find out more at www.stackpath.com/gaming

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