Great ideas deserve obsessive focus - Molyneux

"If you believe that you've got an idea that is worth throwing all your chips back on the table... then that should be your single obsessive focus"- Peter Molyneux says balancing multiple jobs at once isn't such a great idea.
"If you believe that you've got an idea, you believe that that idea is worth throwing all your chips back on the table and betting them all over again, then that should be your single obsessive focus, I think."
- Industry veteran Peter Molyneux recalls his years at Microsoft and Lionhead, and how balancing multiple jobs, games and concepts at once was not such a great idea. At one point, he was simultaneously designing Fable: The Journey, moving between all his European studios, heading up Lionhead, doing PR for his games, acting an an executive for Microsoft, and constantly looking at new hardware. This lack of focus led to what he describes as "atrocious mistakes" -- with his new company, 22 Cans, he plans to keep that focus far more tight. "I just personally can't do a good job on more than one thing," he adds. Gamasutra's full interview, in which Molyneux discusses his past, his present and his future work -- including upcoming social game Curiosity -- is now live.

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