Google's fledgling AR tech has its first commercial game

The first game that incorporates Google's augmented reality technology has a release date and compatible hardware.

Funomena, the developers behind the first video game compatible with Google's augmented reality platform Tango (previously known as Project Tango), have set a release date for their upcoming game Woorld

In a blog post on the company website, Funomena's Robin Hunicke writes that the mobile augmented reality adventure game will launch this September in conjunction with Lenovo's PHAB2 Pro phone, which was announced today at Lenovo Tech World. 

The release of Woorld and the PHAB2 Pro will mark the first time developers and audiences will be able to try out Google's augmented reality tech in the wild, and understand how the device is able to track objects in its environment to drive gameplay. 

Hunicke's post also shows off the game's story mode, which will contain puzzles and challenges designed around the phone's augmented reality capabilities. Players will help guide a cubelike creature called the Adventurer around real-world environments captured by the phone's camera.

You can see more details on Funomena's blog.

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