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Game Outcomes Project survey seeks dev input on crunch, leadership, and more

The survey for the team performance study, a new extension of the 2014-15 Game Outcomes Project study, is now live for game developers to participate in.

November 27, 2018

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Attention game developers! There's a notable new survey that could use your input. It's an extension of the 2014-15 Game Outcomes Project, which is now live for devs to participate in.

The 2014-15 Game Outcomes Project was an industry and academic collaboration which gleaned insights about game development culture based on a survey of several hundred game developers. This collaboration resulted in a series of five articles published to Gamasutra.

This survey is an experiment to statistically evaluate game development projects across many different teams and gain information into the ways that leadership, team structure, production methodologies, and other aspects of game dev culture contribute to the success or failure of development efforts.

Several members of the original project team have returned in 2018 to build an extension of the original research project, a new study which extends, refines, and improves on the 2014-15 effort. 

Developers who have worked on a project as part of a team (3 or more people) within the last 5 years which had some sort of definite ending (it was completed or terminated) are invited to take the new survey here.

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