Former People Can Fly developers quietly launch new studio Gruby Entertainment

A group of former People Can Fly developers have joined forces to form new studio Gruby Entertainment.

A group of former People Can Fly developers have joined forces to form new studio Gruby Entertainment. 

Based in Poland, the nascent developer is working on a new first-person shooter that's set to be published by, which will provide consultation and mentorship during production. 

Gruby was quietly established back in 2020 as a fully remote studio, and according to its website is keen to deliver "high-calorie" gameplay experiences that encourage "crucial and meaningful strategy and decision making."

The founding team worked on a number of titles during their time at People Can Fly, including the recently released action-RPG slash third-person shooter, Outriders. The studio currently has 15 employees on its books. 

"’s offer of cooperation has created a great growth environment for our studio," said Kamil Misiowiec, co-founder of Gruby Entertainment and former People Can Fly gameplay programmer. "We are thrilled to expand our team and knowledge base, and show the world a fresh approach to action games."

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