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Former DICE and Spark devs launch indie venture Fugitive Games

Four devs from the likes of DICE (Battlefield 4) and Spark Unlimited (Lost Planet 3) have debuted a new indie studio in Santa Monica and seek to crowdfund development of a space survival sim.

Alex Wawro, Contributor

January 5, 2015

1 Min Read

Newsbrief: After months of work, a group of former triple-A developers from the likes of DICE (Battlefield 4) and Spark Unlimited (Lost Planet 3) have formally launched a new indie studio in Santa Monica, California: Fugitive Games.

This is the latest example of a long-running trend that sees experienced developers quitting the large-scale studio business to launch their own indie ventures. At present, four people constitute Fugitive: former Battlefield 4 developers Ben Jones and Marc Janas, plus former Lost Planet 3 team members Alden Fillion and Roy Orr. 

The quartet have also roped in game composer Jack Wall (Mass Effect, Lost Planet 3) to potentially work on their upcoming interstellar survival sim Into the Stars, which Fugitive is trying to fund through Kickstarter.

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