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For the first time in 15 years, Doom is coming to a Nintendo console

It's been over a decade since Doom II came out on GBA, but it appears as though the advent of the Switch has inspired Doom publisher Bethesda to bring the game back to a Nintendo platform.

Alex Wawro, Contributor

September 13, 2017

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During a Nintendo Direct presentation today the company announced a slew of games for its 3DS and Switch consoles -- including Switch versions of id Games' 2016 game Doom and MachineGames' upcoming Wolfenstein IIThe New Order.

It's well in line with publisher Bethesda Softworks' plan to release a Switch port of Skyrim this November, sure, but the fact that there will be a new Doom game on a Nintendo console in 2017 is notable. 

While both the original Doom and Doom II were released for Nintendo systems, and (now defunct) Midway Games even developed a separate Doom game, Doom 64, specifically for the Nintendo 64, the series stopped appearing on Nintendo hardware after Doom II for the Game Boy Advance was released in 2002.

Speaking at QuakeCon in 2013Doom co-creator John Carmack (then still at id) expressed interest in bringing Doom 3 to consoles like Nintendo's Wii U and the PlayStation Vita, but said it was unlikely because they had "generated nothing for us on the publishing side of things, because they're somewhat marginalized platforms."

Since then Carmack has left the company, and it appears as though id's latest Doom will debut on the Switch later this year, while MachineGames' new Wolfenstein (out next month) will land on Switch sometime next year.

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