Epic sues German modder for selling Paragon hack

Epic Games goes after a German modder selling a powerful set of hacking tools for their third-person MOBA Paragon.

In the battle against hackers, Epic Games isn't hesitating to use excessive force.

Polygon's Brian Crecente has uncovered a lawsuit filed in California against German modder Robin Kreibich relating to their new MOBA Paragon. Kreibich is accused of selling a set of hacking tools that allow players to hack Paragon and implement aimbot, triggerbot, and map hack functions that allow hackers to know where enemy players are at all times.

Epic is suing for copyright infringement, unfair competition and breach of contract, and is requesting a judge order all versions of the software be destroyed. Their justification for suing in California comes from their attempts to take down YouTube videos advertising the hack under the justification of the Digital Millenium Copyright act.

The site listing for the hack specifically mentions that the software is "impossible to detect," promising players will be able to use the hacking software without being spotted by Epic's anti-hacking software. 

Creating and using this software clearly violates Epic's EULA, and the company likely sees a need to aggresively defend its game from hacks like this in court. If players perceive a large presence of hackers in Paragon, it could dramatically affect Epic's retention efforts. 

Polygon has uploaded the full lawsuit to their website, which you can review here.

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