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DICE troubleshoots in public with Battlefield 4 bug tracker

A locked post on the game's forum lists every issue the team is working to solve along with the status of the fix, presumably in an effort to assuage community concerns about the game's buggy release.

Alex Wawro, Contributor

December 10, 2013

1 Min Read

DICE is making a remarkably public show of its efforts to fix the buggy Battlefield 4. Today the studio published a locked post on the game's forum that lists every major issue with the game that DICE has committed to fixing, along with the platforms it affects and the status of the fix. Sound familiar? It's basically a simplified bug tracker, the sort of troubleshooting tool that almost every company has but nobody likes to talk about. DICE appears to be airing its developmental dirty laundry in an effort to build trust with the Battlefield 4 community. DICE developer Tommy Rydling acknowledges as much in the post, writing "We always work with trackers for our games internally which enables us to track and fix bugs as quickly as possible. We’ve never made it external before, but this seems like a great way to keep you constantly updated on how we’re progressing." The tracker currently lists a few problems that have already been fixed, along with many more that are currently under investigation, including issues like "desynchronized game world where objects have different states for different players" and the dreaded "Sound Loop Crash."

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