Crystal Dynamics announces new Austin-based Studio

The studio behind Tomb Raider and Marvel's Avengers is setting up shop in BBQ haven Austin, TX.

Crystal Dynamics, the developers behind Tomb Raider and Marvel’s Avengers, has announced a new branch of the studio based out of Austin, Texas.

According to a post on Twitter, the new studio is headed by industry veteran Dallas Dickinson, and already includes a number of veteran Crystal Dynamics employees among its ranks.

Crystal Dynamics joins a number of high-profile companies making moves toward The Lone Star State, which has been seeing an influx of tech employees alongside broader population growth.

A mix of corporate tax incentives and relatively lower cost of living have encouraged many developers to make the move.

Companies setting up in Texas, including Crystal Dynamics, do face a number of notable long-term challenges operating in the state.

The Texas legislature has taken up several controversial bills in the last year, including an anti-transgender legislation that Gearbox weighed in on, and anti-abortion legislation that could impact the reproductive health of prospective employees.

That’s also not including the state’s half-handed response to a climate crisis-driven blizzard that shut down the state earlier this year.

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