China Sees 12.6% Growth In Q2 Online Gaming Revenues

Total revenues for online games in China grew 12% to $1.35 billion in the second quarter of 2011, according to recently-published research, with Tencent the clear leader over Shanda and NetEase.
Revenues generated for online games in China were up in the second quarter of 2011, according to recently-published analysis. Total reported revenue for the quarter was CNY8.76 billion ($1.35 billion), according to analysis from China's Analysys International. This represents a 12.6 percent growth from revenues reported for the same quarter last year, and is 3.1 percent more than those reported the prior quarter. The leading contributor was rapidly growing MMO operator Tencent, which commanded 29.5 percent of the total revenues reported in the region. Tencent's revenues in the second quarter were over $1 billion, representing a 44.3 percent increase for the company. Tied for second place were Shanda Interactive and and NetEase, which operates the popular Chinese version of World of Warcraft. The Chinese online game market hit $5 billion in revenues in 2010 according to research, and is expected to surpass $8 billion in 2014.

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