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CCP Games will halt support for EVE Valkyrie later this year

The studio wants to focus its efforts on other "EVE Universe" titles.

Chris Kerr, News Editor

July 8, 2022

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A screenshot from EVE Valkyrie

CCP Games is discontinuing support for its multiplayer dogfighting shooter EVE Valkyrie after six years.

The VR title launched for Microsoft Windows and Oculus Rift in 2016 but eventually made its way to other headsets including HTC Vive and PlayStation VR.

Breaking the news on social media, CCP explained it has begun the process of shutting down the title, but noted Valkyrie will remain playable until August 5, 2022.

After that date, the game's servers will be switched off and customer support for Valkyrie will no longer be provided.

"We’re incredibly proud of what we accomplished with EVE Valkyrie and want to extend our deep appreciation to all our players for their support throughout its lifecycle. Thank you for being a part of the EVE Valkyrie community," said the studio. "We want to extend our deep appreciation to all our players for their support throughout the EVE Valkyrie lifecycle. See you in the next life."

CCP noted the decision to end support for Valkyrie was made so it can focus its efforts and resources on "new developments in our evolving portfolio of EVE Universe titles.

The move comes around four years after CCP chose to halt VR production on numerous titles due to the risk involved, rather than a loss of faith in the technology.

"I'm very much a believer in the long term potential of VR, it’s just right now, where it sits, for a mid-sized company it’s a lot of risk to staff new developments," said CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson at the time

"This is an environment that’s very hard to make a success for a company our size, and we’d be better served doing something else."

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