Blizzard vets at Frost Giant Studios raise $5 million to create new RTS

Fledgling developer Frost Giant Studios has raised $5 million in funding to create a brand new real-time strategy title.

Fledgling developer Frost Giant Studios has raised $5 million in funding to create a brand new real-time strategy title. 

The studio was established last year and is helmed by Blizzard veterans Tim Morten, who previously worked as production developer on StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty, and Tim Campbell, formerly lead campaign designer on Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne.

As reported by Forbes, the latest funding round included Kona Venture Partners and Global Founders Capital, and means the studio has raised $9.7 million to date

Frost Giant has also brought in another additional Blizzard alumnus, with StarCraft II lead designer James Anhalt joining the company. 

Morten explained the cash injection will allow Frost Giant to build a prototype with a view to launching its debut project within the next four years. 

"This really is the capital that enabled us to hire the team and will enable us to build a prototype. We really were fortunate to have a diverse group, all of whom have specific expertise in games, get behind us," said Morten, speaking to Forbes.

"Aspirationally, we would love to have something that's ready to launch in [under] four years. But coming out of Blizzard, 'when it's done' is very much a mantra that I think both Tim Campbell and I take to heart. We're much more geared around trying to build a great game than we are around trying to hit any particular date."

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