Best of iOS news: From Fibble to Swordigo

Gamasutra rounds up the latest news in the world of App Store gaming, featuring standout releases like Fibble, Rotten Tangerines, Pexer's Tower, and Swordigo.
[Gamasutra rounds up the latest news in the world of App Store gaming, featuring standout releases like Fibble, Rotten Tangerines, Pexer's Tower, and Swordigo.] - Crytek Makes App Store Debut With Casual Puzzler Fibble Crysis developer Crytek enters the world of mobile gaming with Fibble, a physics puzzler boasting vibrant graphics and real-time cinematics. An iPad version is also available. - Soosiz Developer Launches Action-RPG Swordigo In App Store "Swordigo blends traditional platforming with a variety of action-RPG elements. Players explore large environments and earn experience as they collect magical artifacts and weapon upgrades." - Retro Racing Returns To App Store, Updates With New Tracks "While the game has lost sales and dropped in chart placement in the days following its App Store removal, Woodhouse hopes to drum up support with the release of an update that adds three new tracks, iCade support, and a split-screen two-player mode." - Sad Cat Releases Shoot-'Em-Up Violet Storm A Geometry Wars-inspired arena shooter with elements taken from the bullet hell subgenre, Violet Storm features multiple gameplay modes and Retina display support. - Mobile Game Pick: Rotten Tangerines (Skipmore) "While removing rotten tangerines from a crate, a swarm of pixelated baddies invade the playfield to make your task even more difficult. Slimes, skeletons, and wizards are among the many tangerine-tainting enemies you'll face in your quest." - Mobile Game Pick: Pexer's Tower (Quimdung) "Four Winds Fantasy developer Quimdung has launched Pexer's Tower, an iOS title that recalls classic overhead-view puzzlers like Adventures of Lolo and Chip's Challenge." - Indie Music Icon Daniel Johnston's Work Featured In Interactive iPad Comic Book "Presented as an interactive comic book, Space Ducks includes a variety of minigames interspersed with animated films and snippets from Johnston's newest album."

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