Adobe acquires Mixamo, with plans to integrate its tech into Photoshop

The biggest name in 2D art creation software goes 3D, with the acquisition -- and planned integration -- of a popular upstart. Services remain online during the transition.

Today Adobe has acquired Mixamo, and has announced plans to integrate the company's 3D technology directly into Photoshop -- to offer its customers easier 3D workflows, as part of Adobe's Creative Cloud suite.

Mixamo recently completely overhauled its online storefront for character models and animations; it exited beta last month. It's unclear how much any of this will change under new ownership, but it seems likely that tighter integration with Adobe's services should spell significant changes.

Existing customers can continue to use the company's products, and can create new free accounts; the company is making more content free, too. However, Mixamo is no longer accepting new paid customers, nor can accounts be upgraded, as work begins to integrate its tools with Adobe's. More details on this are available here.

Mixamo's goal has been to make 3D characters easy and accessible through a mix of a storefront strategy (offering assets for use) and easy-to-use, often web-based tools. These include Fuse, which allows users to create original models in a mix-and-match way from parts, Decimator, which lets users low-poly versions of high-poly characters, and Auto-Rigger, a web-based tool to generate rigs for 3D models.

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