A new skull has been added to Halo 3 after 13 years

The revamped PC version of Halo 3 features some notable technical improvements, but what's really got fans talking is the inclusion of a new skull. 

13 years after it launched on the Xbox 360, Halo 3 has arrived on PC as part of the Master Chief Collection. As is par for the course, the shooter features some notable technical improvements, but what's really got fans talking is the inclusion of a new skull. 

Skulls are collectibles hidden throughout the Halo series that unlock unique abilities -- like making grunts explode into confetti when players score a headshot -- and also serve as score modifiers. 

As highlighted by Eurogamer, players haven spotted a new skull hidden in the latest iteration of Halo 3, and this one allows them to wield the power of flight. 

The 'Acrophobia' skull is unlocked by defeating 343 flying enemies in the Halo 3 campaign, and when used allows players to take to the skies by holding down the jump button. 

It's a pretty useful addition if you're keen to see Master Chief do his best Superman impression, or if you want to really explore the sweeping large-scale levels Bungie painstaking created back in the noughties. 

Indeed, it's always fascinating to see games from a new perspective, and the Acrophobia skull has been encouraging players to do exactly that, with some on the Halo subreddit seeing if they can interrupt cutscenes by breezing through levels or finish the legendary Halo 3 Warthog run without using a vehicle

Of course, others have simply used their newfound power to carve through Banshees like butter, and honestly, who can blame them?

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