505 Games owner Digital Bros to cut 30 percent of its staff

Digital Bros' next move is to focus less on big-scale projects and more on established franchises and re-releases of already popular games.

Digital Bros, the owner of publisher 505 Games, revealed its plans to make reductions in the coming weeks across its various studios. Approximately 30 percent of its larger staff will be laid off, and the company confirmed these cuts will have "no significant impact" on its financials for the 2023-2024 fiscal year.

These cuts come as Digital Bros hopes to "adapt to this new and evolving competitive scenario" of players being "more selective in terms of new games. Consumers [are] increasingly reverting to well established Intellectual Properties and playing these same games for longer periods."

The implication here is the company's most recent games may not have hit their intended individual sales targets. Among 505's releases for 2023 include Ghostrunner II from October, spring's Crime Boss: Rockay City, and Miasma Chronicles from May.

As far as what specific studios or departments would be impacted, no specifics were given. However, Digital Bros noted its various subsidiaries will bear the brunt of these layoffs. 

Moving forward, the company will focus on releasing sequels and new versions of previously released (and successful) titles, while also releasing "a limited number of new larger budgets productions. [...] To prioritize high-quality and long-standing successful titles, [we have] reconsidered the number of projects under development."

At time of writing, Digital Bros' press release makes no mention of projects being canceled or studios closing down. Publishing-wise, 505's immediate future includes Eiyuden Chronicles: Hundred Heroes, Control 2, and the latter's multiplayer spinoff currently dubbed Project Condor.

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