Yakuza Creator Forms Dedicated Studio, Reveals Yakuza 5

Yakuza and Super Monkey Ball creator Toshihiro Nagoshi has formed a new Japanese studio that will focus on developing future Yakuza titles, while he revealed that Yakuza 5 is currently in development.
Yakuza and Super Monkey Ball creator Toshihiro Nagoshi has formed a new Japanese studio at Sega that will focus on developing future Yakuza titles. According to Japanese games magazine Famitsu, and as translated by Andriasang, the new Sega development team is called 'Ryu ga Gotoku Studio', or simply Yakuza Studio. The studio's first game will be a PSP sequel to spinoff title Yakuza Black Panther. The game is currently in development, and will play in a similar fashion to the original. It will see a release early next year. The Yakuza Studio also revealed that it is currently developing Yakuza 5, the next title in the popular PlayStation 3 series. Publisher Sega revealed earlier this summer that the Yakuza had shipped over 5 million units to date. A spinoff title of the series for the PlayStation 3, zombie shooter Yakuza: Of the End, also saw 400,000 units shipped in the first two weeks on sale, during which time it dominated the Japanese games charts. Nagoshi is also working on squad-based third-person shooter Binary Domain, first announced last year, that is set to see a release at the start of 2012.

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