Warframe is making the jump to mobile in 2024

Get mobile, Tenno.

During its annual TennoCon event, Digital Extremes revealed its multiplayer shooter Warframe is coming to mobile devices next year. 

The phone version of the popular sci-fi game was originally announced back in 2021, and the developer now has it as part of its 2024 roadmap. At present, iOS users in North America, the UK, and other countries can pre-register right now through the App Store for their iPhone, iPad, or other iOS device. 

Mobile deployments

In recent years, online games like Call of Duty: Warzone are planning to make the jump over to mobile devices, if they don't already have a mobile equivalent out already. Since mobile versions of pre-existing games have proven to be strong revenue drivers, Digital Extremes is right to get in on that market with its now decade-old game. 

The existence of Warframe Mobile is even further justified by the incoming arrival of cross-progression, meaning players old and new will be able to continue with the same character(s) anywhere regardless of platform.

Digital Extremes took care care to stress that Warframe's mobile version will be up to parity with its console and PC versions. In an FAQ, it calls the iOS version "the entire, interconnected console experience on mobile with optional cross-progression and cross-play between all other platforms." 

And because Warframe's mobile version was "conceived and developed as another way to play the full game," its monetization features will be exactly the same as on other systems.

More information on Warframe Mobile can be read here.

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