Just Cause dev Avalanche Studios acquired by Nordisk Film

Nordisk Firm has upped its investment in Avalanche Studios by acquiring the developer in full for roughly $103.7 million.

Nordisk Film has invested a sizable sum into yet another Nordic development studio, this time through the acquisition of Stockholm-based Avalanche Studios. 

Nordisk Film acquired the Just Cause developer for a total of €89 million (~$103.7 million), upping its role in the company from minority shareholder to owner in the process and marking its largest acquisition to-date. Nordisk Film previously invested $10 million in Avalanche just one year ago to help accelerate the studio's self publishing plans.

Despite the acquisition, Avalanche will remain largely unchanged under the ownership of Nordisk Film. In a press release, the company said that both of the studio’s co-founders will remain at the company. The developer will still remain creatively independent as well with the freedom to develop its own intellectual property and work with third-party publishers and license holders, even, it seems, on interesting collaboration projects like the recently revealed Rage 2.

Avalanche is only the latest studio to catch the interest of Nordisk Film. The company has been investing in a number of fellow Nordic studios in recent months, including the Swedish studio Star Stable Entertainment and the Danish developer Reto Moto.

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