Death Trash recoups dev costs after under two weeks in early access

Cosmic post-apocalyptic RPG Death Trash has made back its development costs after less than two weeks in early access.

Cosmic post-apocalyptic RPG Death Trash has made back its development costs after less than two weeks in early access.

The stylish adventure made its early access debut on August 5, 2021, and according to creator Stephan Hovelbrinks managed to recoup its development costs by August 14. 

"Good news: Death Trash has sold enough now that it made back its development costs and we can finish it on our own," said Hovelbrinks on Twitter. "Apart from that we we'll have to see how it continues. So no change in plans for now. Forward, step by step!"

Death Trash had already been in development for five years before entering early access. At this stage, it's expected the title will remain in early access for "about a year," although if it ends up needing a little longer in the oven Hovelbrinks is prepared to take more time. 

Outlining their ambitions for the project from this point on, Hovelbrinks said they won't be changing the scope of Death Trash just because it has reached a revenue milestone. 

"To clarify, and not have you expect we're immediately upscaling and changing the scope of the project: We're doing solid, but not rolling in cash. We continue as planned," they added. "Long-term this is looking really good though, with many people still waiting on 1.0, translations, and consoles."

You can learn more about the making of Death Trash by checking out our recent Q&A with Hovelbrinks.

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