Alba: A Wildlife Adventure named GOTY at the 2021 Games for Change Awards

Ustwo Games' open-world adventure was praised for highlighting the need for environmentalism and conservation while exploring the relationship between humans and nature.

Ustwo Games' open-world adventure Alba: A Wildlife Adventure has been named Game of the Year at the 2021 Games For Change Awards for highlighting the need for environmentalism and conservation while exploring the relationship between humans and nature.

The Games for Change Awards were established to highlight and celebrate video games that exemplify the "ever-expanding world of social impact gaming" while also pushing the needle forward on what game narratives and mechanics can look like. 

Other 2021 winners include Lost Words: Beyond the Page from Sketchbook Games, which took home the Most Innovative and Best Gameplay awards for deftly blending emotional narrative beats with gameplay. 

3D point-and-click adventure title The Wednesday nabbed the prize for Best Learning Game for highlighting the history of the Japanese military comfort women during WWII, while collaborative project The Quadcade was named the Best XR for Change Experience for researching and exploring how VR games might be used to rehabilitate patients with severe spinal cord injuries. 

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure was also honored with the Most Significant Impact award, marking its second win at this year's ceremony. We've taken the liberty of posting the full list of winners below, but be sure to visit the Games for Change website for more information on each project. 

2021 Games For Change Winners

  • Game of the Year -- Alba: A Wildlife Adventure (Ustwo Games)
  • Most Significant Impact -- Alba: A Wildlife Adventure (Ustwo Games)
  • Most Innovative -- Lost Words: Beyond the Page (Sketchbook Games)
  • Best Gameplay -- Lost Words: Beyond the Page (Sketchbook Games)
  • Best Learning Game -- The Wednesday (Gambridzy)
  • Best XR for Change Experience -- Quadcade (MICA Game Lab)
  • Best Student Game -- SYNDESI (SYNDESI Team, Produced by Léa Pernot & Adrien Daugy of ISART DIGITAL)
  • G4C People's Choice Award -- Suzerain (Torpor Games)
  • Vanguard Award -- Mark Barlet
  • Industry Leadership Award -- Niantic 
  • G4C Giving Award -- Games Done Quick

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