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Andrew Clark


Upon finishing his BMus(Composition) at the University of Toronto in '97, Andrew was snapped up by Toronto-based game design company Pseudo Interactive. While serving as Audio Lead and Lead Composer, he picked up some programming chops on the side and ultimately took over as Audio Programmer as well. Andrew left Pseudo Interactive in September '99 in order to spend his life savings on a geographically challenged game audio consulting business, and to focus on independent research and development of his live interactive music performance software "CarpeDM." (An early prototype of this software was a highlight of the MS DirectX Developers Day 2000 audio track.) Since May 2000, Andrew has worked as an ERP solutions developer for FutureLink Canada by day. By night, he is the super-DJ technomancer/crime-fighter known only as "PIr8_x" His e-mail address is [email protected]. Comments, criticisms, and random thoughts are welcome!

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