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Obituary: Hiroshi "Mr. Dotman" Ono, celebrated Namco designer, has died at age 64

The famed "Mr. Dotman," who was graphic designer on Pac-Man, Galaga, Dig Dug, and other classic titles, has passed away.

Bryant Francis, Senior Editor

October 18, 2021

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A phot of Hiroshi Ono speaking at a small event.
Image via the Mr. Dotman Facebook page

Longtime Namco graphic designer Hiroshi Ono, also known as "Mr. Dotman," has died at age 64.  His passing comes after a long battle with autoimmune hepatitis. 

The news of Ono's passing was shared on his social media accounts. Ono inspired a dedicated fanbase thanks to his work on classic games like Pac-ManGalagaDig Dug, and other classic Namco titles. 

His work not only included designing the various sprites on some of these games, but also designing the art that would be used on arcade cabinets and marquees. 

Ono retired from Bandai Namco Games in 2013, and spent several years connecting with fans and contributing to other projects like the remake of Cosmic Cavern. A month before his passing, Ono and his collaborators had begun crowdfunding a documentary about his life. Supporters have already raised 4,888,592 yen (about $42,791) for the film's production.

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