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GDC 2016: Spend a day sharpening your skills at the Technical Artist Bootcamp

<a href=gdconf.com/?_mc=BP_LE_CON>GDC 2016</a> organizers share a preview of the informative and intriguing sessions taking place during the day-long Technical Artist Bootcamp which helps kick off the conference next month.

February 24, 2016

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Technical artists, take note: GDC 2016 organizers would like to give you a quick highlight preview of the informative, intensive sessions taking place during the day-long Technical Artist Bootcamp that helps kick off the conference next month.

It's just one of many Bootcamps and Tutorials scheduled during the first two days of GDC (Monday and Tuesday, March 14th and 15th this year) which offer attendees the chance to spend time focusing intently on a core discipline of game development.

GDC 2016 attendees are invited to attend the Technical Artist Bootcamp on Tuesday and join experts who will discuss how technical art continues to march forward and at a faster pace than most disciplines, as it is both wide-reaching and wide open.

Rigging, Python, pipelines, shaders and unit tests are all known and understood, but bootcamp organizers believe it's time to push forward and stretch our legs a bit. Large studios need more powerful tool-chains with more professional development environments, and small teams need each and every member to be very technically capable.

Technical artists know efficiency is at a premium, and a working tool is no longer good enough; during the Technical Artist Bootcamp at GDC 2016, tech artists will learn to focus on a quality user experience when designing tools and workflows. Tech animators will learn quick prototyping techniques of animation systems, which has traditionally been one of the most complex areas to author. More techniques for automating asset processing, fast cinematic workflows, and optimizing asset performance for run-time will also be covered, so don't miss it!

Plus, more sessions will be announced for GDC 2016 in the coming weeks. Stay tuned, and keep checking the GDC 2016 Session Scheduler for the latest details on what talks will be happening where during the weeklong conference.

GDC 2016 itself will take place March 14-18th at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. For more information on GDC 2016, visit the show's official website, or subscribe to regular updates via FacebookTwitter, or RSS.

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