Weekly Jobs Roundup: Wayforward, PlayRaven, and more are hiring now

From live producers to character artists, here are just some of the many, many positions being advertised on the Gamasutra job board.

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Here are just some of the many, many positions being advertised right now. If you're a recruiter looking for talent, you can also post jobs here.

Sr. Live Producer, PlayRaven

Location: Helsinki, Finland

PlayRaven is looking for a Live Producer to handle the creation, configuration, and maintenance of in-game promotional events, contests, content, and sales for its upcoming EVE Online mobile game. Ideally, this role seeks someone who takes a design-focused approach in creating compelling experiences while also using analytics to both develop and support business decisions. 

3D Character Artist, Wayforward

Location: Valencia, California

WayForward is seeking an experienced 3D Character Artist for a mobile game. The California-based team is looking for a talented artist with a good grasp of anatomy, form, and design. The characters for this game will be stylized, and all textures will be hand-painted.

Technical Designer, Supergiant Games

Location: San Francisco, California

Supergiant Games is seeking a technical designer to join its creative team to help implement, iterate on, and debug game systems and content. The ideal candidate has excellent instincts and well-practiced talent both for the technical and experiential aspects of game design, and thrives in a highly collaborative, small-team environment. 

Lead Rendering Engineer, 2K

Location: Novato, California

2K is looking for an experienced rendering engineer to assist in bringing its upcoming first-person shooter to life. The team is seeking someone comfortable with designing new tools and systems to achieve artistic visions and also able to translate concepts into rendering code, shaders, and systems. 

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