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Watch what happens when devs turn their games up to 1,000

Mewgenics' Tyler Glaibel sent a call out to developers to boost their projects by 1,000, and they answered with some utterly busted results.

Justin Carter, Contributing Editor

May 10, 2024

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Screenshot of a herd of cats in Mewgenics.
Image via Tyler Glaiel & Edmund McMillan.

Game developers across Twitter answered a challenge by Mewgenics co-creator Tyler Glaiel on Friday afternoon: "Pick a number in your code or data files, multiply it by 1,000, and post the results."

This all started from a player who called for Mewgenics to have an "extra gore mode." Glaiel responded in kind by posting a video of what that'd look like, which briefly led to the in-game floor becoming a bloody mess underneath the cats' paws.

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By setting random integers within the code at 1,000, it inevitably means that something is going to be multiplied by a substantial amount. Or to put it another way: it's the developer equivalent of putting Mentos in a bottle soda.

How did the developer community respond? Well...

This project goes up to 1,000

Across various gifs and videos, developers have posted the results. In some instances, it led to comical situations with the game's physics system.

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Other times, it changed how big characters or items in the game could get. (The answer: very.) The alterations could be so severe, it led to heavy framerate loss.

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Some developers like Creative Assembly and Domesticated Ant got in on the challenge, and their changes made their games look like they were being played with the cheats on.

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Even developers whose projects couldn't handle a change to 1,000 took part in the challenge, often with equally chaotic outcomes.

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You can see the other videos and GIFs (of which there are many) right here. Beyond being funny, they all make one thing clear: there's plenty of ways to make a game, and 1,000 ways to break them.

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