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Wardensity is a stunning 3D strategy which can be played in browser or mobile or desktop.

bogdan gorpynchuk, Blogger

January 16, 2014

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    For the last year and a half our indie studio (NWG) has been developing awesome RTS called Wardensity. The game is completely cross-platform (there are web versions for Mozilla & Chrome, desktop version for Win, Linux, Mac & mobile version for Android and Tizen). It was completely written in JavaScript using the latest HTML5 technologies (such as webGL).

    To start playing you just have to visit the site & load the game (it takes up to 15sec). Map Editor provides you a convenient way of creating your own custom maps with one-click simplicity. In Multiplayer you can play on your favorite maps with your friends or random people. You can also push your luck with bots in company mode.


    The present day we are getting more public with new video of the game alpha version and we would like you to join our community and help us with your feedback & suggestions. You will be able to play full version of the game in autumn 2014 or try private beta in the close future. Also we are thinking to go on Kickstarter to be able to implement the planned functional as soon and as well as it is possible.

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