Voxelplanets aka Voxels in Space

Here i will show my progress on my actual project, a Voxel/Space/Realtimestrategy Game.

3D Perlin Noise & Voxel

Here i’d like to show you my current progress with 3D perlin noise for my voxelplanets. The project is a veeeeery soon "work in progress", but you may get the idea. I am using C/C++ as programming language and DirectX as renderer (there will also be an OpenGL renderer for Unix Support).

At the moment i am using a octree based method for creating a voxelplanet. In the image below you can see the first LOD-Stage of a voxelplanet. Basically the octree depth in this case is 0, so we are at the top of the octree(s).

First LOD-Stage


When we take a step deeper in the octree(s) we get more voxeldata wich means we can make the planet more detail. The image below shows the planet at octree depth 1.
I used another noise for depth 1, because i still have to do some interpolation algorithms for different depths.

Second LOD-Stage

Each planet has its own materialset, so it is possible to create many different planets. For example a planet with ice/snow materials.

Voxelplanet Ice
Different Materials - Iceplanet


Because planets without moons are boring, i've added some :D
You cannot see any moons on the next image (maybe you can see them, but they are really small) but you can see the orbits of the moons. In this example i've used a planet with the size of Jupiter and let about 60 moons orbit the planet. The axis of the orbits can easily be changed, for this example the orbits are all on the same Y-Axis.

Planet and moon orbits


You may say "Hmmm nice, but what are your planets orbiting?". Well, they are orbiting a star as you can see in the next image... okay, you may actually not see the planets, because they are too to small, but you can see their orbits.

Planetary orbits and star


At the moment i try to code a seamless "zoom" from space to planetsurface, when i hit the goal, the story will continue... :D

Thanks for reading!

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