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Useful common Visual Studio shortcuts

Useful common Visual Studio shortcuts

Mamdouh Tarabishi, Blogger

February 26, 2015

2 Min Read

If you develop on Visual studio these shortcuts are a must for you:

  • Comment:
    Ctrl + K, Ctrl + C

  • UnComment:
    Ctrl + K, Ctrl + U

  • Align the code properly:
    Ctrl + K, Ctrl + D

  • Rename:
    Ctrl + R, Ctrl + R

  • Extract Method:
    Ctrl + R, Ctrl +M

  • Surround with:
    Highlight the code, Then R-Click -> Surround with -> select the statement you need (for, while, do, ...) then hit Enter & enjoy. 

  • Find Definition:

  • Auto-complete Syntax:While typing (for example: "for") we can hit "Tab" twice and visual studio will auto-complete the syntax for you. After that, by hitting on "Tab" it will keep navigating you between the arguments which you can edit.

Below are very common only for total Beginners with visual studio:

  • Duplicate Control:
    At Designer view,
    Press & Hold "Alt" then
    with mouse click & drag the control to create a duplicate.

  • Debugging:

    • Run With Debugging:

    • Stop Debugging
      Shift + F5

    • Insert Break Point

    • Step Over
      Execute the next line of code but not follow execution through any function calls

    • Step Into:
      Execute code one statement at a time, following execution into function calls

    • Step out:
      Shift + F11
      Execute the remaining lines of a function in which the current execution point lies.

  • Build:
    Ctrl + Shift + B

Soon I will Add Video shows above shortcuts and their out come.


Check My blog article I will keep it updated

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