The Gamedev Guru’s Birthday Party

It's been one year of learning every single week about Unity game performance optimization. Has it been worth to you? No matter what, this post will surely be worth for you, because I have a few gifts...

We made it.

We've been together for a year.

One year of learning every single week about Unity game performance optimization.

What do I have to say about it?

I feel grateful to have you with me in this challenging journey

As you probably know, I started this blog just after I finished my most challenging port so far. Bringing Star Trek Bridge Crew from PC/PS4 to Oculus Quest VR.

Pheew, 72 FPS in the first iteration of a weaker hardware.

I suffered. Was it sweat? Or was it tears?

I don't know... At some point, they merged into the same volatile, adrenaline-fueled plasma.

But let me tell you...

All of this work I put in... all this work you are putting in... is so much worth.

The reward is MUCH higher than the price you are paying. You will see that.

After this challenging experience, I decided it was time to put all my decade-long knowledge in optimization at your disposal.

And so I started TheGamedev.Guru

To share with you the value of CPU, GPU and Memory optimization.

Game performance is a tough topic. You probably have seen this in your own project.

But it becomes manageable if we do this together.

And today, to celebrate the upcoming TheGamedev.Guru's birthday, I invite you to participate in a giveaway where you'll get the chance to win a few goodies.

No, I can't give you a t-shirt or a mug. No confetti either.

But here's what I can give you:

  • Access to my "Boost your memory performance" course (Addressables for the Busy Developer)
  • A copy of my "Remove the obstacles that prevent you from reaching 60 FPS" (my Unity Performance Checklist PRO).
  • My help in your very own Unity project (Coaching session).
  • Unique Unity Asset Store coupons you won't get anywhere else.
  • A beer drink in the next Unite event.

And just for participating, you will get an exclusive 15% discount for the Unity Asset Store. Guaranteed.

How does that sound?

You can enter the giveaway anytime before the 31st of August (the sooner the better).

So, see you around?

Enter the Giveaway


P.S. Thanks for being great.


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