The Benefits of Real Time Strategy Games Explained

Here we discuss some of the core and important strategies of real-time strategy based games that has been willing to conquer bigger market share in gaming industry to make its presence felt in the hearts of gamers and design studios

Real time strategy games are ones that involve securing more territory in a map or seizing units and structures belonging to rivals to build a stronger empire than theirs or similar themes - simply, a game where wits matter the most.

stratergy based games As you might already know, RTS strategy games can be really challenging. They are designed to give your brain a total workout. This translates to better decision making and resource planning.

Among other things, they can also be used to pass the time, entertainment, and social interaction by sharing the results ,game play and stories on social networks like snapchat,flipagram ,Instagram and many more . Let’s have a closer look at each of these benefits.

  • Self-analysis

Just like in any other game, you are given a second chance to make things right after losing through the first attempt. We all treasure second chances, and therefore you can take the time to seriously analyze where you went wrong to turn your loss into a future win - this is what we call self-analysis. This might seem like not much of a big deal, but people actually pay a lot of money to be analyzed by machines and experts.

  • Decision making

Real time strategy games are very hard. There’s no room for careless mistakes. Making a quick purchase, a merger or joining a pact could save your empire. The idea is to live to fight another day. Giving your brain a daily fix will train your brain to make decisions fast.

  • Learning new tricks

In RTS games, a rookie or an average player will not make reasonable progress unless he/she uses Metagaming. This is a trick used to outwit other players by mastering their gaming moves and then using them as a weapon against them. A good source of this insight would be gaming communities online.   Through these, you will learn new strategies and tricks by interacting with others in specific game platforms.

  • Critical thinking

Most people mistake critical thinking for long hours of thinking. This is not the case. Thinking critically could be a decision made in a split-second. To win in RPGs, you have to think before spending your treasured resources. Having resources is not a big issue, using them in a timely manner is.

  • Planning ahead

RPG’s game-play is quite different from other games. Before starting a mission, one has to assemble the tools he/she is going to use in advance. What you have in your arsenal determines whether you will succeed. This is because these games are designed in a way that every weapon has a stronger, usually smaller, counter attack.

Launching a business works in the same way. The quality of the team you have backing you up matters the most. Having members who keep dragging you behind will hinder your business take off.

  • Team building

RPG characters are subdivided into 3 groups, the weak ones, the average ones, and the strong ones. Although they are all important, you are doomed if your team only contains the weak members. The weak ones hold the wall (with their lives on the line, of course) while the dead-shots (strong ones) take care of things the hard way.

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