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Opinions about how randomly generated content (using social networks information) can minimize work and development costs. (PART III of III)

Boto Gatas, Blogger

September 8, 2010

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[Also see Parts I and II.]

Another take on generating people personalities

With all the information about people on the internet (social networks and the likes) it would be possible to get someone’s profile a input the info in a NPC, giving it a even more complete set of likes and dislikes, places visited, favorite foods, movies, location, favorite brand etc. The ethics behind it are discussable, but the information is there for anyone to access. (Of course such information would only be usable in a real world game simulation). Even if the selection of the human profiles be procedural, the content of the chosen profiles will not be determined by the machine, therefore I believe it will be random. What do you think?

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