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Maybe this time

Starting a blog to both document my progress and keep me on track.

Colin Witow, Blogger

May 28, 2013

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About two years ago I tried to start a blog about a hobby game I was making. I got about 1 entry done, then promptly forgot to continue doing it. I worked on that game for about a year, got stuck and it fell by the way side for another year. Which brings us to today. I intend to go back to that game and finish it, but for now it will remain on the back burner.

The new game I'm working on has a much smaller scope. Like the last one it is a tower defense game, but this time I'm not going to put any out-there ideas into it. It will be as straight forward as can be, and as simple as can be. I guess it will have one out-there novelty, it is all text. Instead of rastering pixels, we will be rastering characters. This was mainly done for simplicity. Usually when I try to start a game I focus on the graphics and don't get past that. This time I'm going to focus on the mechanics first. I figure get the mechanics first, skin later.

I'm also doing this in conjuction with a couple of interns at work. Like me they want to make games for a living. Unlike me they haven't lost precious years working in a "safe job until I can get a game job". 

Wish me luck.

P.S. I'm also working on another game with an old friend of mine. That one is using Unity and is intended for mobile phones. I'm not making the kind of progress that I should but I'm going to plug away at that one at the same time as this one in the hopes that multitasking will help me streamline my work. 

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