Let The Monster Adventure Begin – Monster Killer on the App Store

Relish the true monster experience with the innovative “Monster Killer-Shooter Mayhem” game by Peaksel LLC and spice up your drudgery with fun

Peaksel DOO has just released a brand new game on the App Store – “Monster Killer- Shooter Mayhem!” This is an ideal game for all those who need some stress- releasing treatment after a hard day at work. Besides, this is an ideal game for kids and teenagers who enjoy playing games after finishing their school obligations.


This innovative game with its outstanding graphics and captivating sound effects will endow each player with an extraordinary experience. A courageous hero, or a player is to kill all the monsters encountered during a level. There is a bunch of funny and useful weapons that could be used for killing the ugly monsters, from simple blades, swords and guns to laser weapons that make smashing the monster enemy easier. Each level is to be passed, no skipping. Furthermore, the player will get the chance to see the outstanding characters that, from time to time, utter funny things, one of them being the following: “I eat those like you for breakfast”. During this hilarious adventure on 11 levels the players can possibly reach the 12th level that is an endless one.


“Apart from providing users with great fun this game also tests their reflexes and keeps them fully concentrated during the game.  Not only is this game aimed at kids but also at adults who will most probably find it adorable and highly addicting. This amazing game will be greatly appreciated by all the game savvies or ordinary game players who want to embark on an extraordinary journey in hours of their free time after a hard day at work,” said Djordje Petkovic, CEO of the company.


Monster Killer- Shooter Mayhem is available on the App Store and can be downloaded for free for iPhones, iPads and iPods. Check it here:




About Peaksel DOO:


Peaksel DOO was founded in 2012, and it is a privately held company and is headquartered in Nis, Serbia. The company is dedicated to developing and marketing of mobile applications and games for Android and iOS platforms, as well as for production and marketing of websites. Peaksel’s mission is to satiate people’s hunger for quality applications and having over 10 million satisfied users helps in fulfilling the mission. For more information on Peaksel Company, please call 381-60-555-15-89 or visit


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