Learn to make a game with no or less coding knowledge.

The article contains a quick overview of how to start with making games without no or very less coding knowledge.

How to make a game with no or less coding knowledge

Well i always wanted to make games, but i never knew how to code. One day i came across articles that states that one can make games without coding knowledge or less coding knowledge. Then i started working on the goal and started learning 'Game Maker Studio'. 
With game maker studio i made various games but the best one i have made is
Now i want to help out all the people out there who wanna make games but has no coding or very less coding knowledge.
Here is what you should do to achieve the goal:
1. Downloading the tool: Download any game engine that uses drag and drop options for making games. Lets take the example of 'Game maker studio' and go ahead with our know how.
2. Intro: After the game engine is downloaded successfully on launch this is how it looks

Inline image 2
              b. Select the created sprite and now either you can load any image from your computer or build your own from the edit option (edit option builder is similar to paint and has some Photoshop features too, its very simple to use it)
Inline image 4
b. In the Name field, type a name for the Object, such as ball.
c. To assign a Sprite, click the drop-down icon from the Sprite section 
A list of available Sprites appears for you to choose from. Sprites provide a visual representation of the Object — you know, so that the player 
has a cool-looking image.
Inline image 5
b. To load a sound, click the Load Sound button
Inline image 7
To get well versed with game maker studio i suggest everyone to go through you-tube tutorial channels.
There are many channels on you-tube which gives good tutorials and one of them is
I spent 2 months in learning and then i got pretty familiar with the tool. But based on the dedication one can learn it even faster.

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