Indie developer needs beta tester

As indie game developer who works alone I try to make my games like a company. But I have no test team to help me in this task. I need you.

I am an indie game developer in the video game's world and between two contracts I released my own game on Android now. I will explain how I proceed and why I need you to test my Android game.

At the begining I write a game design document that fix all the rules and gameplay of the game that I imagine.

After that phase where brain storming that allows me to reject bad ideas and keep the good ones I write a technical design document with a schedule of the work to do. A technical design document talks about how we do the game.

I also write an art guide line for external graphist because I am very bad to make good graphics.

But all this documents do not create a game. I implement all I have wrote in Game Design Doc (GDD).

And finally I launch Play Test session to know what is not relevant in the game, what ergonomic problems occured, ... To do a good session of play test I should see reactions of player that play at the game. I did it with my friends and my family because I am working at home in a little town.

To complete the playtest, today I post a survey to know what thinks players about Eole and the paper ball.

Here's what to do:

1/ Download Eole and the paper ball Lite:

2/ Install Easy Installer or another that allow you to install since your sd card.

3/ Connect your Android to your pc and mount sd card.

4/ Copy apk on sd card.

5/ Authorize unknow source for installation parametres->applications->unknow sources.

6/ Launch Easy Installer

7/ Sélect Eole et laucnh installation.

8/ Quit Easy Installer et launch Eole.

9/ To the end of your game session please answer to our survey

Thank you.

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