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I'm an engine man. Something about resource management and threading gets me all hot - an introduction post to Tommy Refenes.

Tommy Refenes, Blogger

February 26, 2009

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Now that I have your attention. To those of you who don't know me,I'm Tommy Refenes. I make tech stuff and engines and occasionally it seems I make some games. Currently I'm working on one top secret game and one game that has already been announced, "Super Meat Boy".

Super Meat Boy (SMB) is going to be for the PC and the Wii and possibly maybe I dunno we'll see theXbox. Being that its a PC game and that I'm a directX man, porting from PC to Xbox is going to be easy to do, however we (Edmund McMillen and myself) don't know IF we are going to do this at this time.

The engine I am porting to the Wii is actually the 2nd generation engine that currently powers the unseen, unreleased, version of Goo!. This engine contains its own custom made cross platform threading library, resource management library and various other systems that run quickly and make game development (for me at least) easier. I'm a highly technical guy, so at thistime I have no tools for it, but I'm making some flash exporters.

Anyway, the basis of this engine was ported to the Wii in about 2 days after I wrote custom Wii memory management stuff and did some low level systems that plugged intothe existing engine. The challenge I'm facing now, coming from a DX Shader pipeline background, is making a system that runs on both the PC and Xbox's shader pipeline as well as the Wii's fixed function pipeline stuff from 2001.

So far, it's coming along well, I expect to be done with the basic functionality this week and should be writing game code at the beginning of next week. All in all, I'm very much enjoying Wii development. I don't know if it's because it's Nintendo, or if it just feels good to be working on somethingother than Goo! after 3 years:) Either way, I'm happy:)

Since this is a first post, I'll stop here. Later I'll get into more technical stuff about Super Meat Boy, Wiis, Goos, PCs, Xboxs and all thatjazz. I'm a big fan of multi-threading to the point of unhealthy obsession so expect some of that gibberish to make it in here at some point. I'll leave you with this though:


I made this game to make people laugh. It made me laugh...so that's all that matters:) Later.


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