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David Lightbown is a 20 year industry veteran and UX director for the Technology Group at Ubisoft Montreal. Join him for a free talk and audience Q&A to learn all about the psychology behind intuitive tool design.

Kris Graft

November 29, 2021

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David Lightbown

Date: Dec 14, 2021

Duration: 1 Hr

The next Game Developer Editorial Forum is coming up, giving you a rare chance to engage live with one of the most senior game development tools experts in the industry!

Join us on December 14 for this free talk as we host David Lightbown, a 20 year industry veteran and UX director for the Technology Group at Ubisoft Montreal. He'll be presenting "How Ubisoft Builds Tools that Are More Intuitive," which gives an insightful and entertaining look behind the psychology of effective tools UX.

You'll also have a chance to ask him your own questions about his views on tools, tech, and UX.

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This talk is free to attend and will broadcast live with a Q&A (and available on-demand if you miss the original broadcast).

Title: How Ubisoft Builds Tools that Are More "Intuitive"
Date: Tuesday, December 14, 2021
Time: 02:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
Duration: 1 hour

What to expect:

  • A 30 minute presentation by Ubisoft's David Lightbown

  • A 10-15 minute presentation from our sponsor Xsolla

  • A 15-20 minute moderated live audience Q&A

More details:

Featured Presentation: How Ubisoft Builds Tools that Are More "Intuitive": A Talk and Q&A with David Lightbown

You may have asked yourself the question: How can I create game development tools that users will say are "intuitive"? Ubisoft has been working to answer this question, and in this session, we will share what we have learned. This presentation will help you understand the psychology that leads people to say that a tool is "intuitive", and why consistent UX patterns are so critical to creating game development tools that benefit not only the people who use the tools, but also those who design and develop them.

Key Takeaways:

You will learn how to create and maintain game development tool UX patterns made specifically for solving problems in the context of your studio, and / or your users.


Featured Speaker: David Lightbown

Featured Speaker: David Lightbown

User Experience Director
Technology Group at Ubisoft Montréal

David has been working professionally in the games industry for 20 years. He has spent the majority of his career focused on tools development and pipeline productivity. David speaks at conferences around the world on the topic of applying user experience techniques in the games industry. He is an Autodesk Master Award recipient, and is the author of "Designing the User Experience of Game Development Tools." David holds the position of User Experience Director for the Technology Group at Ubisoft Montréal.


Sponsor Speaker: Miikka Luotio
Director of Business Development of Europe


Kris Graft
Game Developer

Kris Graft is publisher at GameDeveloper.com, the leading site dedicated to the craft of making video games.

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