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Games for Android: The Best Development Tools

There will always be a demand for app games. With the amount of mobile device users only increasing, there’s always an audience for mobile apps of any kind. Games like Clash of Clans have become so popular that they warrant TV commercials.

If you have an excellent idea that you want to turn into a reality, all that’s stopping you is the right arsenal of tools. While learning to create a game can be difficult, these tools come with everything you need to make your game design quest easier.

App Game Kit
App Game Kit is perfect for people who are just learning. Because all of the coding is in BASIC, you’re able to create a game template that the software itself can translate for a variety of different platforms. It’s designed with learners in mind, making it easier for first time coders. With so much of the manual work removed, aspiring game developers can focus on learning the fundamentals of the craft before taking on the tougher tasks.

Marmalade offers an entire suite of software. When you purchase Marmalade, you’re also getting Marmalade C++, Web Marmalade, and Marmalade Quick. What you create with Marmalade is up to you. This full C/C ++ library offers you APIs that incorporate microphone and mobile camera capabilities, as well as GPS and an accelerometer. The possibilities are endless with Marmalade, affording you with the opportunity to create innovative, revolutionary app games. If you’re looking to do something outside of the box, this is the tool you’ve been dreaming of.

Unreal Engine
You’ve seen things created with Unreal, even if you don’t know it. Infinity Blade was constructed with Unreal Engine, which aims to be the cream of the crop when it comes to app development. Alongside Unreal Engine, you’re also getting their entire development kit. Unreal is constantly improving, making more tools and resources available to developers that use their software. To top it all off, Unreal’s creator, Epic Games, also offers a host of free tutorials that teach users how to make the most of their software. If you have any questions, you can always watch videos on their YouTube channel or Twitch stream.

Project Anarchy
If you’re an app game developer on a budget, Project Anarchy is everything you could possibly desire. Project Anarchy is open source, offering tons of pre-coded elements for you to integrate. When games are complete, they can be shipped to devices for free. There are no revenue restrictions when you use Project Anarchy. If you’re experimenting with concepts and you’re a lone wolf game designer, you aren’t going to get the same flexible and affordable experience you will with Project Anarchy from any competitive developing software.

Unity is designed for power and efficiency. You can use Unity to build simple 2 dimensional games, but its real power shines through in 3D adventures. Like the name suggests, Unity is great for providing a game to a variety of platforms. You can make Android games and move them from platform to platform – even to PC. If you’re looking to profit off of your game, you’ll want to be able to translate it to as many platforms as possible, expanding your audience. Unity helps bridge those gaps better than most. Perhaps the best part of Unity is that the basic tools are free – you’ll only have to pay a licensing fee once your profits exceed six digits a year.

In the end, knowing what to use is only half the battle. Plan your app game, think about what it entails, and then decide which software will be able to help you make your dream a reality.


David Grover
David Grover is a Communications Manager at Timeo, a useful tool for businesses in the UK. He’s also a freelance career coach, who’s always eager to share his experience. In his free time he enjoys travelling.

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